Is Silvets a Scam and does it work? Opinions and reviews from those who use it

Silvets pills

What is Silvets?

Silvets. Many people dream of losing weight, to reach their weight as quickly as possible, without making more than enough sacrifices.
Dietary supplements, when it comes to fully achieve this goal, prove to be excellent allies.
The same applies to pills. Silvets diet pills, in this sense, are among the best 100% natural supplements, able to make you lose weight, through the natural elimination of annoying excess kilos, the bogeyman of all, especially with the arrival of the summer season, where there is a usual test to overcome.
Going into details, Silvets pills are among the best dietary supplements: they have the advantage of being produced in the United States of America and of being 100% organic.
The capsules in question are among the best, mainly because of the quality of the natural ingredients, considered in unison as the most complete among those available in nature.
The manufacturer himself, among other things, has personally taken care of the selection of these ingredients, always being able to count on the reliability and support of leading experts in the field.
It is their exotic nature, as we will point out shortly, that makes the difference. 6 ingredients, as we will mention shortly, are not available (at least not all together) in other preparations. And the gap can be seen!
In this respect, Silvets pills are different from other types of diet tablets.
The dreaded yo-yo effect does not appear in this case. The target audience, therefore, are those who want to lose unnecessary kilos without having to make major sacrifices.
It is not by chance that many people choose this item, after having been disappointed by a whole series of programs focused on diet regimes, physical exercises and, indeed, dietary supplements that did not have the desired effect.
Silvets has the advantage of accelerating the metabolism process, favoring the reduction of fat accumulation, especially in the abdominal areas.
After some time of taking these pills, you will notice a remarkable relief, a sensation that implies an important psycho-physical well-being.
In general, this allows those directly concerned to feel like training again with the intention of getting rid of the extra kilos.
And thanks to Silvets, it is no longer a mirage to climb up to this goal which, only initially, could appear as an insurmountable obstacle.

How does Silvets work?

The functioning of these fat burning pills is as intuitive as it gets on the market.
The presence of 6 natural ingredients has the advantage of promoting natural slimming. Compared to drastic diets that involve sacrifices and sacrifices that are far from indifferent, with Silvets diet pills you are on a different level.
The final product, therefore, was born from the work of experts in the field who were able to combine the active substances in the right proportions.
Thoughtless slimming is no longer a utopia, thanks to Silvets pills.
The tissues are protected from any accumulation of excess fat which, in addition to the abdomen, is often deposited on the buttocks, thighs and hips.
In addition, the sense of appetite as well as hunger stimuli are calmed, once the preparation in question is to be taken.
In fact, it is the whole organism that benefits from it.

Ingredients and composition

The added value of this revolutionary dietary supplement, sold in tablet form, lies in the strength of the 6 ingredients, particularly popular in the Tropics. Only the locals were aware of the miraculous properties and uncommon benefits that the elements in question brought.
So, here are the 6 ingredients:
Bioperine: facilitates the work of the digestive system.
Acai berry: essential in the process of speeding up the metabolism. The same when it comes to energy intake. In short, it is an ingredient that stimulates movement after meals.
Guarana: the non plus ultra, when there is a greater amount of energy to provide. There is clear evidence dating back to the 17th century: a Jesuit missionary observed how authorized members of the most illustrious tribes of the Amazon, once they had taken doses of guarana, released so much energy that they could do without eating for a whole day when they went hunting. Incredible, isn’t it?
Green tea: essential to calm appetite and hunger. In this way, excess fat, usually accumulated in critical points, is easier to eliminate. Scientific studies show that the consumption of green tea changes the body’s inclination to get rid of excess fat instead of carbohydrates.
And in the fight against excess pounds, you can be sure that this really counts for a lot.
L-Carnitine Tartarate: It gives you the ability to burn calories faster. If this is feasible, it is due to the strengthening of muscle structure and increased energy production. Specifically, authorized researchers at the Medical University of Maryland point out that L-Carnitine should be recognized for helping the body transform fats into energy.
Cayenne pepper: stimulates metabolism, especially when the body is at rest.
In short, a composition as revolutionary as that of the Silvets formula is not found in other dietary supplements available on the market.
Finally, also with regard to the composition of Silvets, it should be noted that there is not the slightest trace of kerosene, parabens, toxic substances, preservatives, aggressive agents, palm oil, GMOs and, last but not least, additives. Only 100% natural ingredients.

Contraindications and side effects

There are no contraindications or side effects from taking Silvets.
The manufacturer, before putting this supplement on the market, completed a series of tests (not strictly conducted on animals) which gave positive results. Zero problems in terms of safety.
Obviously, care must be taken not to abuse this valuable food supplement, which cannot replace traditional meals, but only alongside them.
In particular situations, such as minors, pregnant or lactating women, it is not recommended to take this dietary supplement. The same applies to those who have shown food intolerance to one of the 6 ingredients mentioned in the previous section.

Dosage and method of use

Each package contains 60 pills.
This is enough to know in reference to the dosage of one of the best dietary supplements the market has to offer. As for its use, however, the manufacturer gives you the possibility to lose without complications.
The capsules are naturally absorbed by the body. Everything you need to do is indicated on the package.
So, according to the manufacturer, simply fill a glass of water (containing about 200 milliliters). Then simply take one tablet from the package and swallow it with water.
Easier done than said, in short. The only thing the manufacturer specifies concerns the use of stimulants: absolutely avoid them when taking the diet tablets in question.

Price and where to buy Silvets

How much do Silvets tablets cost? At the moment, the following offer is ongoing. One pack of Silvets is available for 59 dollars.
When you buy 2 of them, you will receive 1 free at the price of 118 dollars.
Finally, if you buy 3, you will receive 3 more for free, for the modest price of 177 dollars. A very convenient offer, don’t you think?
There are several payment methods, accepted by the manufacturer.
The payment by credit card, since it costs only $11. Finally, even the bank transfer always costs $11.
Thus, Silvets is a dietary supplement, containing 100% natural ingredients, available only on the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.
Click on the “Order now” button and, after filling in the relevant fields with your personal data (name, surname, address, e-mail and telephone number), an employee of the customer service department will contact you.
The product, available in a completely anonymous package, usually takes 48 working hours to reach its destination. And this is also a plus for Silvets manufacturers.

Is it available at the pharmacy?

No. Silvets can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. At the pharmacy, you will probably find similar tablets but not as efficient at burning fat as the ones reviewed above.

Do you also buy on Amazon?

No. As mentioned, as things currently stand, the diet pills in question can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s website.
On Amazon, as well as on other e-commerce portals, you would not find Silvets, but similar products. Often also imitations or fakes, whose performance does not deliver the amazing results described online.
Quite the contrary, since, according to the numerous comments from buyers, the disappointment of the purchase is really burning and unexpected.
At other times, however, the purchase process meets overly high expectations and the end result does not live up to it. Each case is different and makes the story in itself.
However, whether it’s Silvets or other products in the health and wellness category, in our opinion, it’s always a good idea to buy from the manufacturer’s website. A matter of safety.

Is it in an herbalist’s shop?

No. There are many dietary supplements with slimming properties in herbal medicine.
However, none of them have the distinctive features of these pills that allow you to lose weight without much effort and without having to make major sacrifices.
Silvets is currently only available on the manufacturer’s website.

Does it really work and is it effective?

The answer to the above question is more positive than ever.
The weight loss pills presented here are ideal for those who want to lose weight and feel good.
In this regard, the main target group of Silvets is mainly those who have really tried everything from diets to forced renunciations, from dietary supplements to small slimming pills, in order to get rid of excess weight.
The common denominator of each experience is the inevitable failure they have gone through.
Finding the slim line, the ultimate aspiration, has been a dream long cherished, but never experienced firsthand.
If you recognize yourself in this description, know that Silvets works and is truly effective.
By trying the natural and exotic ingredients in these weight loss pills, you’ll see right away how effective they are.
You will see the results immediately: you will look lighter, you will want to exercise, you will start eating less, because the hunger stimuli and the feeling of constant appetite will be satiated in the best possible way.
And with a radical change of lifestyle and farewell to snacking, you will be able to lose weight naturally and without side effects.

Opinions about Silvets

In social networks and, more generally, in the varied world of the web, the opinions about these diet pills are more positive than ever.
It is precisely from the combination of 6 such effective natural ingredients that the manufacturer has been able to create a unique item. Never before has such a revolutionary formula for weight loss been found.
In the challenge against the extra pounds, you have all the credentials to win it, if you rely on an ally of the caliber of Silvets.
Those who have tried this dietary supplement can boast of its natural taste, its immediate effectiveness and the fact that there are no side effects to fear.
In essence, you eat less, feel much better due to the significant energy intake provided by the aforementioned slimming pills, lose weight in the most difficult areas, eliminating unnecessary fat from the thighs, belly and buttocks.
In short, if you look fitter it is because the product in question acts directly on the causes of weight gain.
These, in fact, will no longer be there. Your figure and your physical shape will only benefit, since the active formula is 100% safe, precisely because it has been studied with the utmost precision. And with a better appearance, you will feel like never before!

Negative reviews

There are no negative reviews circulating on the Internet. It must be said, however, that some users, while declaring themselves satisfied overall, actually expected better results.
Perhaps their expectation threshold was (and still is) too high. Losing weight, and above all, losing it quickly is the goal of all those who want to get rid of unnecessary kilos.
However, the goal is not always achievable in the desired time. In fact, it must be taken into account that each organism differs from the other.
Not everyone is willing to change their lifestyle so suddenly in order to lose weight and get back in shape.
There are some cases where Silvets is considered as a mere palliative. However, these are exceptions, white flies who do recognize its work and efficiency, but not in the ways and times they desire.
As already stated, therefore, there are no negative opinions on this, but only positive. On the contrary, extremely positive.

Real reviews from customers who use Silvets pills.

Let us now turn to the concrete reviews, written by the hand of those who bought Silvets slimming pills on the manufacturer’s website.
For several years, I have been looking for a slimming product, perfectly in line with my needs. Drastic diets, due to the yo-yo effect, have never led me to noticeable results.
The same goes for forced renunciations. Silvets was a lifeline I could cling to. I lost 7 kilos in a month and a half and am still happily continuing my treatment. I recommend it.
Maria R. , 44 years old, Modena
I had to go on a diet. I really tried them all. Unfortunately, my results have always been mixed.
And this back and forth not only had a negative effect on my physical health, but almost worse, dare I say, on my mood.
For me, Silvets pills, pointed out to me by a trusted friend, have represented the turning point, proving to be the optimal solution for losing weight in a completely natural way.
Constantly taking these pills, I had more than satisfactory results. -10 kg in the first three months. The bulk is done, but I’m still 5 kg short of the right weight.
Nicola T. , 49 years old, Alberobello
As the years go by, the metabolism inevitably slows down. And for me, who am not so young anymore, losing kilos was a futile task. I have tried many dietary supplements containing 100% natural ingredients.
However, it was only thanks to Silvets pills that I was able to achieve considerable results. Today I feel very fit and frankly, I would never have expected such progress.
Alexander P. , 69 years old, Sesto San Giovanni
There are many scam products circulating on the Internet. By nature I am very cautious, but I decided to make an exception as the reviews of this product definitely seemed genuine to me.
So I decided to buy Silvets slimming pills and I was never happier. 12 kg in 3 months and I was back to a nice figure again. Wearing sweaters in a few sizes smaller again was a unique experience.
Daniela L. 39 years old, Carmagnola
In general, dietary supplements only have an effect if you drastically change your lifestyle. That’s what I did to start losing weight.
And so, after a few training sessions, where I was already experiencing some difficulties, I decided, on the advice of a friend, to try these diet pills. Little by little I started to lose weight and increase the intensity of my training.
I changed my eating habits, minimizing the consumption of red meat, which I was very fond of in the past.
Then, I joined the gym and quit smoking. The sum of all these factors, in fact, turned out to be decisive for me to lose the beauty of 10 kilos in 2 months.
Paolo S. , 29 years old, Savona
The work on the computer and the university career in the books had seriously put the wheels on the competitive activity I did in the company.
The result? The excess fat on my abdomen was really bad to look at. I tried several natural alternatives, but they all turned out not to be very credible, given the results.
I was looking for some slimming pills on the Internet and Google returned the above mentioned dietary supplement, made in the USA, as the first result.
I tried it and I must say that my high expectations were not deceived at all. Positive feedback. I highly recommend the purchase of Silvets pills.
Joseph O. , 33 years old, Padua
Other than Buffalo Network, as many of these supplements are often identified, they contain 100% natural ingredients. I have tried several of them over the years, but at best, the results were really minimal.
With Silvets, on the other hand, the reversal of the trend has been remarkable. Truly a noteworthy product. Bravo to the manufacturer.
Rosaria M. , 51 years old, Castellammare di Stabia
While I am reviewing Silvets and its positive effects in the fight against excess kilos, I have in my hands a photo from 4 months ago.
Seeing me as I am now, I can only advise you. -14 kg in 3 months. If I had tried it earlier, instead of other dietary supplements, I would have benefited in terms of time, money and, of course, health.
Emanuele D. , 47 years old, Vicenza

What do they say on the forums and what are the comments?

In the forums, as well as in the communities, where the basic theme is the health of the body, Silvets tablets get only positive feedback.
The action of the 6 natural ingredients, in fact, is considered to bring significant benefits: the combination in the right proportions has resulted in an excellent formula when it comes to weight loss.
The body benefits by working at its best. The tissues benefit, moving away from the often underestimated threat of fat accumulation.
There seem to be no results as positive as those obtained with the preparation in question: natural in taste, simple and immediate in its preparation, without contraindications or side effects, available at a more than acceptable price and instantaneous in terms of its performance.
From day one, you will see how the action of these 6 exotic ingredients, whose benefits were initially known only locally, proves more effective than ever in calming hunger stimuli and the sense of appetite, often responsible for off-schedule meals. The latter, if not properly restrained, leads to rapid weight gain.


By taking Silvets slimming capsules, you lose weight naturally and have the opportunity to lose weight as you see fit.
Fat accumulation decreases drastically, you receive a considerable amount of energy, your metabolism is accelerated and, thanks to the active ingredients present.
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